Norwalk, Iowa

I just wanted to add my 2¢ worth. To all of you naysayers, complainers, etc.

don't you understand that you get what you pay for? Yes, the items may be cheap, but for the price, what the *** did you expect? Tiffany's? I have only ordered twice from Starcrest but have been completely happy with what I received.

Of course I was smart enough to realize that when I payed such a low price that some items may not last long for one reason or another. I even had the foresight to order more than one just in case. Luckily for me I have not had anything break. But should that have happened, I would consider it to be my own fault.

Why you ask? Because I knew the quality of the merchandise but felt the expense was worth it. I wouldn't even dream of sending the item back and complain about a refund. Is the fault really theirs?

I think not. They did not make the product, they only sell it. And get off your high horse. Everyone makes mistakes.

Are you really going to scream fraud or worse because someone at Starcrest made a mistake? Come off it people. A little kindness goes a long way. Companies are usually more than willing to correct the mistake as quickly as possible.

Starcrest, I'm sure, is no exception. If I worked there and got your call with all of the attitude that some of you display, I would certainly be in no hurry to "fix" your problem. I would be polite to you (as per company policy), but in no way would I tolerate your childish behavior.

I love this company for what it does.

I can get cheap merchandise for cheap money. That's what the company is there for.

So... quit ya *** complainin' and get a clue.

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Gig Harbor, Washington, United States #1130099

I totally agree with you and I'm glad you said it! I've had no problem with anything I've ordered because, like you, I knew I was not being "top end" products and I've been satisfied with all my orders.

Also, when I've had to deal with customer service, I've always found them to be courteous and willing to do whatever it takes to correct any issue.


I just wanted to check on this company to see if I wanted to buy from them. There are some true frauds out there!

I could not believe the pettiness of the so called complaints. It is almost laughable. But actually sad because bull???? complaints hurt a companies reputation.

Most do not bother to read more than th first one or two. Thank for a very fair evaluation. I will be placing an order.

Have a happy wonderful u l New year.

Susan Sirbaugh

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