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My name is Marsha Thomas and I had ordered the comfee ring size reducer on March 23, 2016 from starcrest of california catalog and I had nevered recieve the product item#26216 the price is $3.00 plus $3.00 for s&h and .45 cents sales tax the total is $6.45 I want you to send me the product or send me my money back

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I received a pill container with one of the lids broken. I emailed to starcrest and received an acknowledgement within twenty four hours stating the a replacement would be coming in about two weeks. Imagine my surprise when I received it within a few days. No problems!! I'm pleased to deal with Starcrest. I have always been pleased and satisfied with items ordered and received. I am not "wordy" but I am adding this to get to one hundred... Read more

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I returned two items and have noy yet received my refund of $24. I would for someone to call me on this matter. Lynda Williams @(773)299-0457.

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You should always double-check your "cart" and look at the total amount to see if it makes sense. I've had more than one occasion where I've accidentally ordered an item more than once when I didn't see it appear in my cart right away, but I always add up my purchases before I order, or as I order, so if the total is different, I look at the cart to see if I've doubled something. There shouldn't be any reason a company would send you two of... Read more

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I've had good results with Starcrest of California, I was contacted about my order( I had made a mistake in the amount) it was resolved, and I had my items in 4 days. I do wish it didn't take so long in order for the items to get processed and on the way, but in all fairness it does say orders will take 2-3weeks.

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I bought the "Sand- It -Swabs" for my husband and did not get all four as advertised. How disappointing is that? The order consisted of 400/800 grade only. All 20 were 400/800. I would not recommend this to anyone because you do not get what is advertised! Heads up folks!! This would be great if they honored what they sold. But I guess that is not possible. Too bad because I really like the things I have purchased from Star Crest in the... Read more

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Bought the sand-it swabs that was advertised as being 4 different grit levels of 120/180/400/800 but what was shipped was a packet of 120/180 only. I do a lot of craft work and thought these would be great for those hard to get at sanding areas. Some places need different grid types. They are not shipping what they show in their catalog. Called to complain about what they shipped me and was put on hold for over fifteen minutes so i gave up on... Read more

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My debit card was not authorized at your center. I called my card company and they never got your transaction. There is plenty of money on my debit card. Why did they not accept my card. The card number was not accepted by your authorization center. I got a letter in the mail that stated that. WHAT WAS THE PROBLEM. Please call me at 402-318-1503 to give me an explanation. My name is Maryann Pontes. Original order was placed by phone on 8/20/15.... Read more

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My husband ordered some items for me from Starcrest. Received the box yesterday, 7/28/2015. When I opened the box, there were 2 of each item when only 1 of each item was ordered. When calling the company, they told us that we had to pay shipping to send the second items back when it was their mistake. I think this is terribly wrong when we had nothing to do with the second items in the first place. We have ordered from this company quite a... Read more

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I just wanted to add my 2¢ worth. To all of you naysayers, complainers, etc. don't you understand that you get what you pay for? Yes, the items may be cheap, but for the price, what the *** did you expect? Tiffany's? I have only ordered twice from Starcrest but have been completely happy with what I received. Of course I was smart enough to realize that when I payed such a low price that some items may not last long for one reason or... Read more

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